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About Us

Bodyform3D was founded on the belief that asking the right question is part of the answer. In our case, we enable industries to ask the question in the right language: 3D.

What we believe in is democratization of resources and our expertise is 3D scanning of Human Body. We build ready-to-use mobile applications optimized for any custom-made industry to give them the power to seamlessly integrate individual’s morphological data into their workflow and increase their profitability as a result.

We leverage computer vision and machine learning into creating customized solutions and whether you are in the medical field or retail sector, our end to end platform empowers you to reconstruct your customers’ unique shape in ultra-accurate 3D models and in minimum processing time; all of that only needing the camera on any mobile device.

Our mission is to capture everybody’s unique form and enable industries to use that data to shape a better product experience for their customers.

Our People

We’re a close-knit team, motivated by curiosity and a passion for using computer vision and deep learning to make a shift, a meaningful change in the way industries SEE their customers. We have made it our goal to remove any barrier to the creativity of industrial designers and make it possible for the customers to have that ultimate personalized product experience. We are supported and backed by major incubators and leading investors in North America and Europe.

Our Culture

We consider ourselves as Solution Makers. We love challenges to transform them into success stories and your challenge is our mission. We know that personalized products are the future, they would improve the quality of life of the customers across different industries and we’d love to be part of that! To help you make amazing things faster!

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