New standard
in 3D body scanning


Custom applications
for custom-fit industries

We have revolutionized the way of capturing every body’s unique form by providing custom software that offers ready-to-use 3D models. And it can be optimized for every human focus application, only needing a smartphone!
We give industries a chance to increase their productivity and profitability while decreasing the processing time.

Our Technology

Our technology is leveraging the power of computer vision and machine learning and we are masters in the field!
Our way of using “Photogrammetry” is a combination of art and science. The input is thousands of photographs and the output is a digital sculpture!
We give you and your retailers the eyes of an artist to capture your customer as a galaxy of millions of points and reconstruct their unique figure in a point cloud.

Our Software

  • Registers the shared points between thousands of images
  • Calculates their distance in 3D space
  • Creates a point cloud
  • Distinguishes between objects and background and removes the noises
  • Customizes geometric 3D mesh reconstruction

And voila: Your digital sculpture is here!
Ready to be exported for processing in any 3D model format you need.

Our Power

The only scanner you need is a smartphone: yours, your retailers’ or your customers’!
It all depends on your workflow; our custom software is going to fit in there.
You tell us your vision and we make it!
You name your galaxy and we create it!
We only believe in one language, 3D.

Software Advantages


  • Accuracy of only 1% error (0.5 mm)
  • Capture time 20sec. – 40 sec.
  • Recommended range 0.2 m – 1.0m

Usage Environment

  • Outdoor & Indoor
  • Offline Mode
  • Available on IOS & Android


  • Cloud computing & dedicated servers
  • Unlimited data storage
  • Export standard & ready-to-use 3D files

What our solutions offer

Accurate 3D scans for any body part

Create a high-quality 3D model and extract any metrics!

3D Recognition Engine using Machine Learning

Identification and comparison with your database

3D Analysis Network using our CNN’s architecture

Classification, detection, semantic segmentation and autocomplete


Intuitive design and user-first mobile application.

Cloud Software

Always up-to-date with the latest software version and Cloud based storage.


Get the clean 3D file ready to integrate into your digital workflow.


Generate 3D models with medical-grade accuracy.

Give your customer an experience

as unique as their finger print

We enable you to offer THE product: personalized, custom-fit, unique